I’ve been reviewing a lot of code from candidates for the company I work at and have been discussing about art with some friends. I started to think a lot how I consider code-style very important and a form of art when done correctly.

Styling goes around organizing, writing correctly, naming correctly, documenting correctly.

Is my belief good style comes with time, comes with experience. You won’t know right ahead what works and what not.

Yet, languages like Go gives you a head start and that’s why I think is great for getting more mature services in less time with way less experience: they already had this experience and they told you how to write it correctly.

Every single time someone asks me how to learn Go quickly I point to Effective Go, and I mean, how could I not? Is the single greatest resource of information on how to write correctly and effectively.

Every single time I have tried to do things different than what was suggested in Effective Go it has been a pain. It has been a mistake. I’ve come back and “done things right”, as already told to.

Is not that they are perfect, is that they already had the experience I have not and they are telling me what’s the solution.

Please, follow Effective Go.